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miniPIV™ system


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MSE's miniPIV System is the first Particle Image Velocimetry system designed with MSE's core philosophy of quality instrumentation that is easy to use. The system includes all the necessary components to perform 2-component DPIV (and optionally 3-component SPIV) in sheet volumes, including all necessary optics and mounting hardware.

PIVTECThe processing software, PIVview, comes courtesy of PIVTEC and has a strong pedigree that can be traced to the origins of DPIV. Fundamental data visualization capabilities negate the need for expensive, third-party plotting tools. Although it includes great features for educational use—like interactive cross-correlation and access to quick results, it is a serious research tool with speed-optimized algorithms and sophisticated processing techniques and methods built-in.

miniPIV SystemIllumination is in the form of a novel, high-intensity, eye-safe light emitting diode (LED). Aside from not having the issues associated with the safety, cooling, and power requirements of an Nd:YAG laser, the LED light source has a luminous intensity advantage over laser diode alternatives. It is powerful enough to be used in pulsed operation for high speed (or small field of view) situations. Its operation is controllable from a PC via USB interface, and the intuitive software makes it extremely easy to set parameters while ensuring a long life for the air-cooled unit.

Standard systems start with a megapixel camera running at 15 frames per second. Please contact us regarding high-speed or stereoscopic system options.

Consider coupling a miniPIV System with a flowLab and miniLDV System for a fantastic educational or small scale research package including two of the most widely employed non-intrusive flow measurement techniques available today.

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