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2D miniLDV
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MSE specializes in miniaturized optical sensors with three universal characteristics: minimum size, minimum weight, and minimum power consumption. We offer a complete line of Laser Doppler Velocimetry systems with unequaled compactness and ease of use.

Velocity Measurement

The miniLDV™, ultraLDV™, microPro™, microV™, and microS™ are the smallest, lightest, and lowest-power-consumption sensors currently available for optical speed measurement. All three sensor types can measure speed as well as direction, but each is tuned for a specific measurement distance. New for 2008 are the ultraLDV, designed for applications where sensitivity and precision are of utmost importance, the 2D miniLDV, a true two-component sensor, the 3D miniLDV, and the Integrated miniLDV, a miniLDV probe with built-in Processing Engine in a package about the size of a text book. "LDV" stands for "Laser Doppler Velocimeter"—but unlike our competitors', MSE's probes are extremely easy to use because they do not require any complicated alignment after manufacturing.

Sensor Measurement distance (air) Application
miniLDV /
Integrated miniLDV
33, 50, 100, 150, 240 mm velocity measurement (surfaces and fluids)
2D miniLDV 50, 100, 150, 240 mm 2D velocity measurement (surfaces and fluids)
3D miniLDV 100, 150, 240 mm 3D velocity measurement (surfaces and fluids)
ultraLDV 150 mm velocity (with small fluctuations)
microPro 15 mm Boundary layer profiles; shear stress in fluids
microV 7.4 mm velocity measurement in fluids
microS 75 μm, 135 μm wall shear stress in fluids

A miniPIV system is a great complement to the above sensors and offers a wide range of fields of view.

Particle Statistics

The miniPCS™ is a particle sizer/counter based on Mie scattering theory, able to measure particle size over a wide range. Its built-in acquisition electronics make it especially suitable for field tests.

Flow Facilities

The flowLab™ is a table-top-sized water tunnel, perfect for small research projects, expositions, and classroom demonstrations.

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