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2D miniLDV
3D miniLDV

3D miniLDV™ system


2DminiLDV SystemThe standard 3D miniLDV System consists of three miniLDV probes in a custom-designed alignment bracket, three Processing Engine hardware processors with USB interface, and the 3D Burst Processor Acquisition Manager software, which synchronizes the three systems and calculates 3D measurement statistics. The 3D miniLDV is a modular design consisting of three fully independent systems, so it is perfect for research facilities with a variety of experimental projects. (Contact us regarding custom systems comprised of a single miniLDV system and a 2D miniLDV system.)

With the continuing tradition of ease of use and short time from setup to results, the 3D miniLDV System becomes an attractive alternative to 3D PIV techniques such as Stereo PIV.

Stereo PIV
3D miniLDV
Measurement field
Automated 2D or 3D profile; point-by-point in a plane or volume
Quantities measured
U, V, W, u', v', w'
U, V, W, u', v', w', u'v', u'w', v'w'
Mean velocity accuracy
99.0% or better
99.7% or better
Spatial resolution
Limited by camera, laser power, and field of view
As low as 20 microns
Maximum velocity range
Limited by field of view and inter-frame time
500 m/sec (higher with modified electronics)
Maximum region of interrogation
20 x 20 cm or less for standard systems
Limited only by traverse total travel
Computer requirements
Fast processing, high-speed busses for acquisition, large hard disk arrays for storage
Modern processing (intensive processing done by Processing Engine), USB bus... hours of data storage in a typical notebook drive.
Splits into two 2D systems
(if user owns an extra laser)
Splits into three fully independent 1D systems

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